Six China-based airlines select Rockwell Collins avionics, cabin systems and service for more than 70 aircraft

Rockwell Collins today announced it has been awarded six new contracts from China-based airlines for varying combinations of avionics, in-flight entertainment (IFE) and service. The awards span 74 new aircraft, including Boeing 787 Dreamliners, Airbus A320s, Next-Generation Boeing 737s and Bombardier CRJ-900s. Deliveries have begun for one airline and the remainder will begin next year.

“Our continued success in China is based on decades of building trust with airlines,” said Jim Walker, vice president and managing director, International and Service Solutions, Asia Pacific for Rockwell Collins. “The result is airlines operating with the latest flight deck and cabin advancements to keep passengers safe and comfortable.”

The following airlines have selected Rockwell Collins systems, including MultiScan ThreatTrack™ weather radar, GLU-925 Multi-Mode Receiver(MMR), Head-up Guidance System (HGS™) and PAVES™ Broadcast in-flight entertainment:

China Express
Aircraft ordered: 10 Bombardier CRJ-900s
Systems selected: HGS
Deliveries: Begin in 2015

Donghai Airlines
Aircraft ordered: 15 Next-Generation Boeing 737s
Systems selected: MultiScan ThreatTrack, MMR, SATCOM, HGS, PAVES Broadcast, full suite of avionics sensors*
Deliveries: Begin in 2015

Kunming Airlines
Aircraft ordered: 5 Next-Generation Boeing 737s
Systems selected: MultiScan ThreatTrack, MMR, SATCOM, TCAS, HGS, PAVES Broadcast, full suite of avionics sensors
Deliveries: Begin in 2015

Loong Air
Aircraft ordered: 30 Airbus A320s
Systems selected: MultiScan ThreatTrack, MMR, TCAS, full suite of avionics sensors
Deliveries: Begin in 2015

Ruili Airlines
Aircraft ordered: 8 Next-Generation Boeing 737s
Systems selected: MultiScan, GLU-925 MMR, HGS, full suite of avionics sensors
Deliveries: This year

Featured Rockwell Collins Systems

MultiScan ThreatTrack is the latest evolution of Rockwell Collins’ MultiScan weather radar solution, which was brought to market in 2002 and was the first with fully automatic, “hands-free” operation. ThreatTrack is the only commercial airborne radar offered by Airbus and Boeing and delivers market-first capabilities, including Two-Level Turbulence Detection and Predictive OverFlight™ Protection.
GLU-925 MMR, the first certified GPS Landing System receiver, enables high-integrity navigation, including RNP AR, Category III ILS and Category I Global Positioning Landing System approaches. The MMR also enables GPS position and availability requirements for ADS-B Out mandates.
HGS displays critical flight information in the pilot’s forward field-of-view, eliminating the need for the pilot to repeatedly transition between the head-down instruments. As a result, pilots can keep their attention focused on the outside world, enhancing overall situational awareness and safety.
PAVES Broadcast overhead IFE system provides passengers with a wider range of information and entertainment content than previous offerings while significantly reducing size, weight and power consumption. The system’s HD media server offers 160 GB of solid-state digital audio and video storage capability, integrated pre-recorded announcements and music with embedded Airshow® 3D Moving Map.

Additionally, Xiamen Airlines has selected Rockwell Collins Dispatch℠ 100 avionics service and asset management program for its new fleet of six Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. Under the agreement, Rockwell Collins will provide guaranteed spares availability, technical repairs and performance monitoring on its comprehensive suite of communications, surveillance, displays and pilot controls systems on the 787.

*Full suite of avionics sensors includes Rockwell Collins’ ADF-900 Automatic Direction Finder, DME-2100 Distance Measuring Equipment, VHF-2100 Transceiver, HFS-900D Radio and VOR-900 Omnidirectional Radio.

Source / Author: Rockwell Collins
Photo: Rockwell Collins