Today in aviation history – 23rd October

On 23rd October 1920 reconnaissance squadron from Toruń was back in Officer School for Aerial Observers. The unit was established in July 1920 when in the face of Bolshevick threat the personnel of the Officer School chose 9 of their best aircrafts, left for the front and fought against the Red Army.
On 23rd October 1939 was made a test flight of aircraft Mitsubishi G4M. The construction crew was ran by engineer Kiro Honju. It was a seven-men bomber with a metal construction. In the aircraft’s nose there was a glass navigator’s seat, who also was a bomber operating a machine gun. Behind the navigator’s seat was a cockpit. Behind cockpit there was a gun turret. In the middle part of the fuselage were another two gun turrets. In tailplane was a turret with machine gun with 20 mm cannon. In 1941-1945 it was essential aircraft in Japanese navy. The Total production run of this aircraft in different versions was 2479. They were used during the successful attack on HMS Prince of Wales and battlecruiser HMS Repulse. On 18th April 1943 on board of G4M1 died admiral Yamamoto.