Indra will implement an integrated surveillance and air defence system in Sultanate of Oman

Indra has signed a contract with the Sultanate of Oman’s Ministry of Defence to supply the nation’s Air Force with an integrated surveillance and air defence system. The company will also provide service support. The contract has been awarded through an international bid in which the leading manufacturers in the world have competed.

Indra’s system will integrate its most advanced air surveillance solutions. This radar operates for several air forces throughout the world to full satisfaction and currently handles the surveillance in Europe’s NATO south west flank.

As part of this system, Indra will launch an extensive technical/operational training and technology transfer program that will provide Oman’s Air Force with the most up-to-date capabilities and technological resources for maintaining the supplied systems.

Indra, chaired by Javier Monzón, is one of the world’s largest consultancy and technology multinationals, a leader in Europe and Latin America and is expanding in other emerging economies. Innovation is the cornerstone of its business, which is highly focussed on the customer and on sustainability. The multinational is one of the leaders in its sector in Europe in terms of investment in R&D and innovation, having invested more than €570M in the last three years. With sales approaching €3,000 million, it employs 42,000 professional and has customers in 138 countries.

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