Embraer selects Rockwell Collins EP-80 Image Generator for Super Tucano flight simulator

The Rockwell Collins EP-80 Image Generator and accompanying database have been selected by Embraer for its Super Tucano flight simulator.

“This selection, which represents our first simulation and training agreement with Embraer, will provide Super Tucano pilots with highly realistic training, including superior scene fidelity, high image quality, and enhanced performance,” said Nelson Aquino, president of Rockwell Collins do Brasil. “We’re proud to have provided Embraer with advanced capabilities for the last 40 years, serving both their commercial and military customers.”

The Rockwell Collins EP-80 is a commercial off-the-shelf PC image generator product family that provides customers with high performance at a lower cost. It delivers many of the advanced features of higher-priced systems, such as advanced weather effects, night vision and infrared sensors, realistic battlefield smoke and helicopter rotor wash, all for a more competitive price. Rockwell Collins has a long successful history of developing advanced simulation solutions for commercial applications and applying them to military systems. The company’s training solutions span from desktop, part-task and procedural training aids to FAA Level D certified full flight simulators.


Source / Author: Rockwell Collins

Photo: Rockwell Collins