IAF: New Simulators for The Aerial Defense Division

As part of an growth of the Aerial Defense Division,the Air Defense School inaugurated new simulators and the simulator instructors finished their official training.
The simulators will simulate the „Iron Dome” and „Patriot” systems, which are operated by the division and will soon add simulators for the „Arrow” and „Magic Wand” systems, which are designed to intercept mid- and long-range missiles and rockets.
The „Arrow-2” system is already operational in the force and the „Magic Wand” system should be operational in the coming years. Additionally, the division will integrate a simulator that simulates the Ballistics Management Center, which is responsible for warning against incoming missiles.
Until now, most of the training has been performed on the different weapons systems on the batteries themselves: with the push of button, the batteries would switch into „training mode” and the system would enter into different scenarios and layouts with which the trainee would have to deal.
„The simulators allow for an environment that is specialized and separate”, explains Lieutenant Colonel Liran Cohen, Commander of the Training and Instruction Battalion at the Aerial Defense School. „The simulators accurately simulate the systems and allow for exercises of different scenarios, separate from the operational systems”.
The new training center that was established at the Aerial Defense School will contribute to the operational training and to improve the operational capabilities of the existing batteries.
„The simulators is a high-level, operational surgical tool through which we can prepare ourselves better and learn lessons for next time”, says Lieutenant Colonel Cohen.

Source: IAF
Author: Naomi Tzoref
Photo: IAF