Elbit Systems of America’s F-16 CDEEU and CPD Delivered to Lockheed Martin

Elbit Systems of America, LLC, is pleased to announce initial deliveries of our latest F-16 avionics upgrades, the Center Pedestal Display (CPD) and updated Common Data Entry Electronics Unit (CDEEU) to Lockheed Martin. These systems were delivered in support of avionics integration in Lockheed Martin’s F-16 Systems Integration Lab and represent just one of many F-16 avionics upgrades that Elbit is supporting around the world.

„We are extremely pleased to have been selected by Lockheed Martin to provide a completely new Center Pedestal Display (CPD) and an upgraded Common Data Entry Electronics Unit. We have a long, respected relationship with Lockheed Martin and look forward to continuing that relationship for many years to come,” commented Raanan Horowitz, President and Chief Executive Officer, Elbit Systems of America.

„Many of our engineers are current or recent F-16 operators and maintainers, bringing unequaled passion to the solutions, helping us provide F-16 avionics such as the Display Generator, Stores Management System, Color Multi-Function Displays, Center Pedestal Displays, Up Front Controls Processors, Mission Computers, Head Up Displays, Electronic Warfare Solutions, and Interference Blanker Units,” continued Horowitz.

In anticipation of customer needs, Elbit Systems of America has self-funded cost-effective F-16 avionics capabilities and supportability enhancements with commonality goals across the F-16 configurations. It is through this on-going investment in F-16 avionics that Elbit was selected for and able to deliver the CPD and CDEEU systems for Lockheed Martin.

The upgraded CDEEU is part of an F-16 redesign program. Offering faster processing, additional memory, and provisions for growth while addressing diminishing manufacturing source concerns, Elbit Systems of America has delivered more than 2,000 production CDEEUs to Lockheed Martin and the USAF Ogden OO-ALC at Hill Air Force Base since 2001.

Also delivered was the CPD. In order to reduce pilot workload and improve data presentation, Elbit Systems of America provided Lockheed Martin with an innovative CPD that not only replaces the old electro-mechanical flight instruments with a modern set of digital instruments, but also provides a larger high resolution display for sensor imagery and tactical situational awareness. Additionally, the CPD provides emergency backup to flight instruments in the event of an air data computer failure. Committed to offering their customers cost-saving solutions, Elbit Systems of America embedded the air data module into the CPD allowing it to connect to the existing infrastructure of the F-16.

Elbit has built over 40,000 avionic displays world-wide, providing quality man-machine interface on more than 20 military platforms ranging from fighters to transports to helicopters. Elbit Systems of America has also been a world leader in the development and delivery of air data solutions for over 50 years.

„We will continue searching for innovative solutions to support our customers, US military, and allies around the world by designing solutions that protect and save lives. In support of this effort, we also provide full depot repair and sustainment capabilities for our displays and processors. Our mission is to keep the pilots safely in the air.” continued Horowitz.

Elbit remains committed to long term sustainment for the F-16 avionics. Through on-going reengineering at their facility in Talladega, Alabama and depot partnering with Ogden ALC, Elbit provides sustainment support and obsolescence refresh for their own avionics as well as systems not manufactured by Elbit such as elements of the F-16 Radar, EW and HUD systems.

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Source / Author: Elbit Systems