RAF: Omani Officers visit RAF Boulmer

RAF Boulmer recently hosted several officers from the Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO).

They were visiting the station to witness first-hand how the School of Aerospace Battle Management (SABM) has developed its procedures and programmes to produce world-class Air Defence specialists.

The SABM is the RAF’s centre for training Aerospace Battle Managers and instructs its students carefully using a variety of theory and practical lessons in both simulated and live airspace environments. Once qualified, Aerospace Battle Managers work around the clock to ensure all aircraft are monitored and UK airspace is safe.

During the Omani officers’ visit, they were given practical demonstrations and took part in open discussions to allow them a complete snapshot of the way the SABM operates and how it is able to train highly capable personnel. The RAFO plan to adopt similar procedures for its training establishments in Oman.

Wing Commander Zahran of RAFO said: “It is very important that we watch others training and incorporate what we learn into our own system. The visit to Boulmer has been invaluable”.

Throughout their time at the School, the RAFO officers were looked after by Squadron Leader Andy Foy.

He said

“Given the SABM’s position as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for Air Defence training, we were able to offer our guests a number of training options that may support their endeavours to enhance their own future Air Defence training. Throughout the visit, the RAF Oman delegation was extremely receptive to the programme we offered and grateful for their insight into SABM training procedures”.

Close ties between the two Air Forces looks set to continue as Omani officers attend special courses at RAF Boulmer aimed at the international Air Defence community.

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Source / Author: RAF
Editor: Anne Russell
Photo: RAF
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