Hunter T7 goes on loan to Newark Air Museum

In early May 2014 news emerged in the aviation world about the possible scrapping of Hawker Hunter T7, XL618, which was displayed at Caernarfon airfield in North Wales.

Heather Graham of Lakes Lightnings made strenuous efforts to ensure that the airframe was not scrapped and then set about finding a suitable location to display the airframe. Following an approach to the trustees of the Newark Air Museum, an agreement was secured for Hawker Hunter T7, XL618 to be placed on long-term loan at the museum’s site in eastern Nottinghamshire, close to the border with Lincolnshire.

Hawker Hunter T7, XL618 was dismantled by a team provided by Lakes Lightnings and then moved to Newark Air Museum on the evening of Thursday 19th June, where it was reassembled the following day in an area on the museum’s Southfield Site.

The Hunter T7 fits a gap in the museum’s themed display of RAF training airframes and will help tell the story of RAF fast jet training. Following a detailed condition survey, which will be completed jointly by Lakes Lightnings and Newark Air Museum, the airframe will be restored back to its former glory in as yet to be confirmed colour scheme.

20.06.14_Hunter T7 XL618_016A

Source / Author: Newark Air Museum

Photo:Howard Heeley, Down To Earth Promotions