Exelis airport ground vehicle and aircraft surveillance solutions selected by San Francisco International Airport

Exelis (NYSE: XLS) has been selected by San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to provide its airport ground vehicle and aircraft surveillance solutions to enhance airport surface safety and efficiency. Exelis, a global leader in providing critical network solutions, will provide SFO with its Symphony® vehicle movement area transponder (VMAT) and Symphony® MobileVueTM solutions.

VMAT transmits position and uniquely identifiable call sign information for ground vehicles operating on the airport surface. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) air traffic controllers, airport personnel and aircraft pilots can view and track the VMAT-equipped vehicles. They can also track aircraft operating near the airport and on its surface, providing a complete picture of airport surface activity. Five initial VMAT units have been deployed at SFO, with another 80 to be deployed this summer.

„Adding these transponders will enable SFO to precisely track all vehicles on the airfield, reinforcing our overall commitment to safety and security,” said San Francisco International Airport Chief Operating Officer, Ivar Satero. „We look forward to the benefits this system should provide to airport staff, during our runway construction and beyond.”

SFO will complement its VMAT investment with Symphony MobileVue. Accessible via a tablet or smart phone, Symphony MobileVue is a browser-based, real-time solution that displays aircraft and vehicles on the airport surface and aircraft in the terminal area.

„Symphony MobileVue provides airport operations staff and vehicle operators with a common airfield operating picture at all times,” said Ted Carniol general manager for commercial aviation solutions at Exelis. „Access in the field to an easy-to-use, portable device helps to ensure the safety of airfield personnel, passengers and crew during regular and irregular operations.”

The Exelis VMAT devices became available in November 2012 when the FAA certified them as fully compliant with the stringent requirements of its Advisory Circular 150/5220-26. This certification ensures that the devices are properly installed and configured in airport vehicles, properly maintained, and compliant with FAA standards. SFO is the sixth airport to deploy Exelis VMAT and Symphony MobileVue solutions.
Source / Author: Exelis