Winter timetable: SAS launches seven new routes

SAS continues to increase the number of routes to attractive holiday destinations from Scandinavia. For the winter, SAS is launching seven new routes, with four routes going to holiday destinations in Spain. At the same time, twenty summer routes will continue on the winter timetable. SAS has
launched a total of 53 new routes in 2014.
Today, Tuesday, May 13, ticket sales open for SAS’s winter timetable 2014/2015, which will gradually come into operation from November. This winter, SAS passengers can enjoy flying direct on the following routes: Copenhagen-Las Palmas, Aalborg-Malaga, Billund-Malaga, Gothenburg-Geneva, Bergen-Las Palmas, Oslo-Hamburg and Oslo-Vilnius.

SAS is continuing to expand its range of direct routes from Scandinavian airports to popular Spanish holiday destinations throughout the winter. Four of the new winter routes go to Malaga, capital of the Costa del Sol, and Las Palmas, capital of Gran Canaria.

„We are also seeing a great deal of interest in Spanish holiday destinations during the winter months, so we are launching more direct routes to Spain from Scandinavian airports. SAS has more destinations and departures than any other Scandinavian airline, and we will continue to develop the range we offer our customers,” says Joakim Landholm, Executive Vice President Route Development at

Including the four new holiday routes, in 2014 SAS is operating a total of 34 routes from Scandinavia to seven destinations in Spain.

Geneva, Vilnius and Hamburg The winter timetable also offers other new routes. During the skiing season, passengers from Gothenburg can visit the Swiss Alps with a new direct flight to
Geneva, while SAS passengers from Oslo can fly to Vilnius over the Christmas period. In addition to this comes the launch of the Oslo-Hamburg route, which is attractive both for business and weekend travelers.

Selected summer routes continue in winter As well as launching the new winter routes, SAS will continue operating twenty routes from the summer timetable during the winter – either as year-round routes or as additional routes during the Christmas holidays. So passengers from the
SAS hubs of Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen can take a city break in Barcelona over Christmas and New Year, for example.

More frequencies on routes to the US In the winter timetable SAS adds several departures to US destinations. SAS increases from five to six weekly departures from Stockholm to New York and
Chicago and also increases with two more departures each week from Oslo to New York.

New routes from Denmark
Copenhagen-Las Palmas: November 1, 2014 to March 28, 2015, departure on Saturday
Aalborg-Malaga: December 20, 2014 to January 3, 2015 and February 7 to March 28,
2015, departure on Saturday
Billund-Malaga: December 20, 2014 to January 3, 2015 and February 7 to March 28,
2015, departure on Saturday

New routes from Norway
Oslo-Hamburg: From October 26, departing on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday
Oslo-Vilnius: Departure December 19, 2014, December 21, 2014, December 26, 2014,
December 28, 2014, January 4, 2015, and January 5, 2015
Bergen-Las Palmas: November 1, 2014 to January 3, 2015 and February 21, 2015 to
March 28, 2015, departure on Saturday

New routes from Sweden
Gothenburg-Geneva: January 31, 2015 to March 21, 2015, departure on Saturday

Year-round routes
Copenhagen-Alanya, Copenhagen-Leeds, Copenhagen-Linköping, Oslo-Alanya, Oslo
-Aberdeen, Oslo-Aalborg, Stavanger-Tromsø, Stavanger-Houston, Stockholm-Nice,
Stockholm-Thessaloniki, Stockholm-Tel Aviv, Stockholm-Edinburgh, Stockholm
-Visby, Stockholm-Alicante, Stockholm-Hamburg.

During the Christmas holidays
Copenhagen-Barcelona, Copenhagen-Thessaloniki, Oslo-Barcelona, Stockholm
-Barcelona and Stockholm- Pristina.

Intercontinental routes
Oslo-New York: Daily departures except Saturday (Tuesday and Wednesday are new)
Stockholm-New York: Daily departures except Monday (Friday is new)
Stockholm-Chicago: Daily departures except Sunday (Thursday is new)

Source / Author:SAS