Executive lounges increasingly popular at Chopin Airport

Premium passenger services are becoming more and more popular. In 2012, the visitor count stood at 337,000, only to reach 353,000 a year later (+5%).

Premium passenger services are available in three executive lounges at Chopin Airport: Ballada and Polonez (located in the Schengen area) and Bolero (non-Schengen area). The three lounges offered a combined 230 seats in 2013, increased to as many as 280 in January 2014 after the extension of Polonez lounge to include additional 50 seats for elite passengers.

All three lounges have been recently modernized and refurbished. Standard furnishings include leather sofas and armchairs, as well as workstations with an Internet connection; there are also bathrooms with showers and baby care rooms. Passengers can enjoy hot and cold drinks, alcoholic beverages, a variety of snacks and sweets. Magazines and newspapers are delivered daily and can also be viewed on tablets available in the lounges.

Chopin Airport passengers can also take advantage of two exclusive lounges in the VIP area. Passengers using the VIP Line service are handled in a specially designated area of the terminal, which has its own access road and car park. They go through individual check-in, customs clearance and security control, ensuring the highest level of privacy. They can arrive at the airport as late as 40 minutes prior to departure in the case of Schengen flights and 80 minutes in advance if travelling to China, Canada or USA. In 2013, Chopin Airport VIP lounges were visited by 9,700 passengers.

VIP Lounge - plate wall

Source / Author: Chopin Airport

Photo: Chopin Airport