Air Mobility Command Museum: Our C-5

First, the dedication of our C-5 drew about 1,000 people and ever since we have had it on display people have been coming – rain or snow. Thanks to some diligent digging we were able to acquire a set of airstairs that allows visitors with a guide to enter the Cargo Compartment for tours. Just last weekend a local electrical contractor (KRISS Contracting) installed overhead LED lighting that allows us to „power” the cargo compartment using a little one cubic foot generator. There is plenty of light for photographs without flash and you can watch a video of our C-5 launching an ICBM. Many thanks to KRISS for donating much of the labor to make this happen. They also did the work on the 9/11 memorial in our Commemoration Park. We did not really intend to have the C-5 open for tours during the winter months but we are accommodating tours whenever we have enough spare guides. Starting in the Spring we will also be having tours of the flight deck on the 3rd Saturday of every month. We thought we would have the only C-5 on display for many years but at Davis Monthan AFB, where the aircraft bone yard is located, they have added 8220 to the row of display aircraft you can walk past. No inside tours on theirs but to be fair it is on display. This picture was taken with a cell phone, no flash, in the Cargo Compartment after our lighting was installed.


Source / Author: Air Mobility Command Museum
Photo: Air Mobility Command Museum