airberlin increases flight selection in November

In November 2013, airberlin expanded its flight selection as compared to the corresponding month of the previous year. In particular, the number of long-haul connections was substantially increased in yearly comparison. In November, capacity utilization over the entire airberlin flight route network amounted to 80.0 percent and was thus below that of the corresponding month of the previous year (81.9 percent), due to the additional flight frequencies being first added in the winter. In total, airberlin welcomed 2,005,879 passengers on board in November 2013.

For the first eleven months of 2013, flight capacity utilization reached 85.1 percent, thereby exceeding the previous year’s figure by 1.5 percentage points. From January to the end of November, airberlin welcomed a total of over 29.715 million passengers on board. The available seat kilometers (ASK) amounted to 53.511 billion kilometers and the revenue passenger kilometers (RPK) amounted to 45.533 billion kilometers.

In November, airberlin increased its available seat kilometers to 3.944 billion, i.e. an increase of 4.2 percent in yearly comparison (previous year: 3.783 billion). The revenue passenger kilometers increased by 1.8 percent, to 3.154 billion (previous year: 3.099 billion).

For 2013, airberlin has changed the way it calculates its capacity utilization. The capacity utilization calculation is now determined according to the sector standard, and the revenue passenger kilometers (RPK) are compared to the available seat kilometers (ASK). For the purpose of a yearly comparison, the capacity utilization for 2012 was likewise calculated anew.

November 2013
Capacity utilization rate in %: 80.0 (-1.9 pp)
ASK (in millions): 3,944.0 (+4.2%)
RPK (in millions): 3,154.3 (+1,8%)
Number of passengers: 2,005,879 (-3.1%)

November 2013, accumulated
Capacity utilization rate in %: 85.1 (+1.5 pp)
ASK (in millions): 53,511.5 (-5.6%)
RPK (in millions): 45,532.6 (-3.9%)
Number of passengers: 29,715,143 (-5.7%)

Source / Author: airberlin