AIAC: Industry Minister James Moore announces new measures in response to Emerson Report on Space

In a speech at the Aerospace Innovation Forum in Montreal today, Industry Minister James Moore delivered the government’s response to the 2012 report by the Honourable David Emerson on programs and policies relating to space, announcing several initiatives to begin implementing the Report’s recommendations.

“Canada’s aerospace and space sectors contribute more than 170,000 well-paid jobs and over $27 billion to our economy every year,” said Minister Moore. “The new measures announced today are the result of our close work with the industry to ensure our Canadian companies can continue to compete internationally, and be global leaders.”

“The Emerson Report recommendations were designed to strengthen the Canadian space program and the industry’s competitiveness, and we are very pleased that today’s announcement reflects this,” said Jim Quick, President and CEO of the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada. “These measures will bring clarity and focus to our space program so that Canada can continue to capitalize on its strengths and achievements and maintain a leadership position in the global space sector.”

Today’s announcement included the following measures:

Establishment of a space advisory board made up of industry leaders and chaired by the President of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), Gen. (Ret’d) Walter Natynczyk;
Doubling Space Technology Development Program funding to $20M annually by 2015;
Ensuring that space procurements are aligned with the principles outlined in the 2012 Tom Jenkins report on military procurement;
Ongoing efforts to support the industry’s market access and skills development needs; and,
Increased focus on driving opportunities for space-related commercial activity.
In addition, the Minister announced that a long-term Canadian space policy framework will be made public in 2014.

“Today’s announcement is an excellent step forward, and it demonstrates that the government is listening and committed to the space industry,” added Mr. Quick. “We thank Minister Moore and the government for their support and we look forward to further developments in the coming months, particularly in regards to the development of a long term space strategy.”

Source / Author: AIAC