IAF: Helicopter Teams Train With „Maglan” Unit

Last week, aircrews from the „Magic Touch” combat helicopter squadron from the Ramon airbase met with red beret-donning soldiers from the „Maglan” unit for a special two-day exercise. During the training session, the helicopter aircrews found themselves in the challenging battle arena of the „Maglan” unit, and the practiced both aerial and ground combat for the next battle.

One of the purposes of combat helicopter squadrons is to provide additional firepower support to ground forces, and therefore, a significant part of their training is dedicated to learning the secrets of ground warfare and strengthening the cooperation with the commanders on the ground. Last week, the „Magic Touch” squadron from the Ramon airbase held a two-day joint training session with all aircrews, both in regular military service and in the reserves, together with soldiers from the Special Forces unit „Maglan”. „The joint training session creates a close connection and better familiarity between us, it really allows us to see the work that is done on the ground”, explains Major Y’, Deputy Squadron Commander.

Over the two days of the training session, the aircrew members from the squadron experienced simulated ground warfare training on the ground simulator at the Julis airbase. „We split up into two teams, with one team simulating our forces, and the other team simulating enemy forces”, explained an aircrew member who was responsible for the training session. „We shot with laser guns when we trained in the simulator, and that way we got a more concrete picture of the ground-base battle”. During the training session, the highly skilled soldiers of the „Maglan” unit directed the combat helicopters in complex and unique missions, and even held discussion with the helicopters teams and the commander of the unit about strengthening cooperation in the training and during emergencies. „The discussion with the commander of the unit explained to us the importance of aerial assistance to them”, added an aircrew member who was responsible for the training session.

„Maglan” Unit: On All The Battlefronts
The „Maglan” unit is a Special Forces unit subordinate to the 98th Paratrooper Division. Its missions are complex and classified, and its red beret-wearing combat soldiers embark on a year and a half journey in which they pass advanced patrol training, guerilla warfare, and an operational parachuting course in a variety of field conditions. The unit was founded in 1986 as one of the late lessons of the Yom Kippur War as a unit that specializes in anti-tank warfare and special missions in the middle of enemy territory. Since its founding, the unit has managed to take part in many operations on all battlefront, most of which cannot be revealed to this day.


Source / Author: IAF / Shir Golan and Shir Cohen
Photo: IAF