IAF: Preparing for the „Blue Flag” Exercise

In a numbers of months, the „Blue Flag” exercise will be underway at the southern airbase in Ouvda, in which other air forces from around the globe will participate. A moment before the opening shot, the Israeli squadrons that are participating in a preparatory workshop in which they will spend four full days practicing taking off and maneuvering in order to arrive at the impending international exercise as ready as possible.

The „Edge of the Spear” and the „Knights of Twin Tail” squadrons from the Tel Nof airbase, the „Knights of the North” and the „First Jet” squadrons from the Ramat David airbase, the „Knights of the Orange Tail” squadron from the Hatzarim airbase, and the „One” and „Bat” squadrons from the Ramon airbase will all take part in exercise. The „Flying Dragon” squadron, which will host the international exercise at its home base, will also simulate the „red forces”- the enemy forces. Unlike the „Blue Flag” exercise, the workshop will entail each squadron training at its home base and not being deployed to the southern airbase in Ouvda.

„Advanced training at a very high level”
In addition to the scenarios that will be practiced during the workshop, the Israeli aerial teams will train for a flight conducted entirely in English, as required in the international exercise. „The 'Blue Flag’ is an advanced exercise at a very high level and we have to fly in English, which is something we aren’t used to”, explains First Lieutenant Omri, who is responsible for the workshop from the „Knights of the Orange Tai” squadron. „This preparatory workshop is being held so that we’ll be at the highest level possible for the exercise itself”.

The „Blue Flag” exercise is an international exercise that is being held for the first time in Israel. Over several intense weeks, Israeli, American Italian, and Greek combat jets will share the skies in southern Israeli in a large scale exercise. Also participating in the exercise will be observers from additional countries, who will examine future participation in the coming years. Earlier this year, preparations were made for a big exercise, like the workshop for the „Blue Flag” in which IAF squadrons took part and simulated together a large-scale exercise.


Source / Author: IAF