New simulation transforms training for Typhoon

RAF pilots are now flying the very latest standard of the Typhoon aircraft – even before the aircraft is delivered into service

Up to the minute weapon system simulation software is being loaded onto the Typhoon flight simulators at RAF Leuchars, allowing pilots to experience ‘flight missions’ even before the aircraft arrive at the base.

From the heart

At the heart of this improved training environment is an accurate, fully qualified simulation of the Typhoon weapon system, developed by a team of our engineers based our facility in Warton, Lancashire.

Thanks to its flexible and scalable design, the simulation can be plugged into a wide range of training systems from desktop devices to full dome cockpits.

Concurrent training

Two simulators are in use at RAF Leuchars and each is loaded with the latest standard of software to provide concurrent training for the RAF’s Typhoon pilots.

Customer acceptance

With the upgrades formally accepted by the RAF, Air Commodore Keith Bethell, Head of the DE&S Fast Air Support Team said: “I am very encouraged by the capability being developed by BAE Systems which has now been delivered into service at RAF Leuchars. I am hopeful that this capability will be a significant contributor to the development and sustainment of our military capability in the coming years.”

Innovative simulation

Alan Murdoch, who led our efforts to deliver this enhanced training capability said: “Typhoon continues to evolve over time and with that comes a constant flow of new capability. The development work we are doing in simulation is key to unlocking these enhancements by getting new capability into the hands of the customer when it is needed. Our innovative approach to simulation offers real benefits to current and future customers.”


Source / Author: BAE Systems

Photo: BAE Systems