The National Police of Peru Receives Its First Eurocopter EC145 Helicopter

The Peruvian Interior Ministry has received the first of four twin-engine Eurocopter EC145 helicopters that are set to modernize the fleet of the National Police of Peru. The formal handover was attended by French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, who took the
occasion of his official visit to Peru to reiterate the cooperation between France and Peru in matters of defense and security. These new aircraft—the first units of this model to reach Peru—will be stationed at the Police Aviation Unit’s main base, from where they will perform public security missions as well as disaster relief throughout the country. The remaining three helicopters will be delivered before the end of the year.
In delivering this aircraft within less than one year after the contract for four helicopters was signed at the end of 2012, Eurocopter confirms its commitment to the National Police of Peru (PNP). This new acquisition equips the Police Aviation Unit with state-of-the-art helicopters for carrying out surveillance and national security missions. “This country regards the modernization of our police aviation capabilities as a priority, and I am proud to be able to equip our police with a helicopter that has proved its effectiveness with police
forces around the world,” said Wilfredo Pedraza, Peru’s interior minister, who expressed his satisfaction that the purchase was made within the framework of a government agreement between Paris and Lima.
The EC145 is one of the most popular models of light twin-engine helicopters, and is relied on around the world for public security and disaster relief missions. With more than 500 units delivered to date, this helicopter serves in the police fleets of 26 countries—including France,
where the Ministry of the Interior operates 50 units. “ This ceremony serves to illustrate and reinforce the existing collaboration between the French Gendarmerie and the Peruvian National Police. I am pleased to see our relations extending to the field of aviation, where Eurocopter is at the technological forefront,” declared Jean-Yves Le Drian, France’s defense minister.
Success has come to the EC145 throughout the Americas, beginning in the United States, where the government purchased 345 units of this helicopter to replace the Army’s UH-1Hs. In Latin America, the EC145 performs police and public service missions in a number of countries including Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil.

Powerful and versatile, Eurocopter’s EC145 is perfectly suited to the Peruvian terrain, where it will carry out missions in extreme conditions at sea level, in the jungle, or up on the demanding Andean Plateau. With a payload capacity of more than 1.7 tons and a range of 370 nautical miles, the PNP’s new EC145s can transport up to 10 passengers. They are equipped with PA systems, a siren and multi-frequency radios for hub-and-spoke communications; one of them features a state-of-the-art infrared camera. This new high-definition camera, the only one in the country, will transmit live images to the command center or ground units, which will optimize surveillance and civil security missions.“Peru has embarked on an ambitious project to modernize its helicopter fleet across the civil, parapublic and military sectors,” said Dominique Maudet, Eurocopter executive vice president, Global Business and Services. “Eurocopter is aiming to become a strategic partner for Peru, helping along growth of the country’s fleet by establishing new production, co-production, maintenance and training facilities.” Eurocopter’s Peruvian fleet has tripled in recent years; the vast majority (around 40 aircraft) are light single-engine helicopters from the Ecureuil range that are used for various types of aerial work. With the entry into service of the PNP’s EC145 medium-lift twin-engine helicopter, the Eurocopter fleet continues to expand and diversify within the Andean country.


Source / Author: Eurocopter

Photo: Eurocopter