LIAT: Another new aircraft arrives, upgrades LIAT fleet

The Caribbean Airline is moving full speed ahead with the upgrade of its fleet of aircraft with the addition of another new ATR aircraft.

LIAT pilots delivered the latest ATR-72 aircraft at V.C. Bird International Airport in Antigua, last Friday, with a flight across the Atlantic from Toulouse, France.

LIAT’s Acting Chief Executive Officer Mrs. Julie Reifer-Jones said the arrival was significant since it was the first new plane piloted from Europe to the Caribbean exclusively by LIAT flight crew – captains Chris Cameron and Phil Gunsam. Also on board was LIAT flight engineer Mr. Gregory Marcano and LIAT quality manager Mr. William Lewis.

“This fifth ATR delivery represents our firm commitment to the fleet renewal process as we embrace passenger safety and comfort at all times,” Mrs. Reifer-Jones said.

LIAT now has a fleet of five new ATR Aircraft – one ATR-42 with 48 seats; and four ATR 72s, each with 68 seats.

Mrs. Reifer-Jones underscored the new aircraft have helped to improve the airline’s operational performance, and will significantly help LIAT handle increased passenger volumes for the upcoming peak Christmas season.

Source / Author: LIAT