Embraer hosts E-Jets operators in Rio de Janeiro

With a focus on the airline operational efficiency of the E-Jets fleet, Embraer’s Commercial Aviation Services & Support division hosts the global edition of the Embraer Operators Conference (EOC) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from October 13 to 15. Along with the EOC, Embraer will also hold the 13th edition of the Maintenance Cost Workshop (MCW), on October 16. Both events will be attended by more than 50 airlines and leasing companies, and nearly 40 suppliers and business partners from five continents, totaling over 500 people.

“These events will provide an unparalleled occasion for collaboration and networking among the industry stakeholders, involving operators, suppliers, service centers, and Embraer,” said Johann Bordais, Vice President, Service & Support – Embraer Commercial Aviation. “Our target for both events is to share best practices and experience, while debating maintenance cost reduction through actions initiated two years ago, in order to improve operational efficiency and achieve excellence in customer service.”

The MCW is an annual meeting designed to support operators in reducing their maintenance costs by sharing experiences, addressing the demand for continuously increased operational efficiency.

During the EOC, Embraer will promote its e-Solutions platform of web-based tools on the FlyEmbraer website, which is a single connecting point for Embraer’s customers to find a digital portfolio of services any time, on any device. It is designed to maximize flight duration and avoid unnecessary operating costs and delays, serving as both corrective and preventive maintenance.

Included in the Rio event are such e-Solutions as the eSRM web application based on SRM (Structural Repair Maintenance) approved data to allow E-Jets operators to increase damage assessment reliability, reduce structural repair costs, and to more quickly and conveniently perform repair management and traceability. The eTechPubs is an environmentally friendly system introducing a value-added paperless solution for Technical Publications, requiring no media generation and allowing operators to significantly reduce both the time to find/retrieve technical information and the cost of maintaining it. The AHEAD-PRO (Aircraft Health Analysis and Diagnosis) system analyzes and diagnoses aircraft health by continuously monitoring the E-Jets performance, in real time, while increasing the fleet availability.

One of the initiatives Embraer will present in both events is the new iPad ePerf application for the Commercial Aviation Market, developed for the deployment of tablets in the cockpit, driving down costs, compared to conventional Electronic Flight Bags (EFB). This application allows pilots to calculate aircraft performance and to obtain the maximum payload, landing speeds, and distances within seconds. It will economically eliminate the need for heavy books. ePerf is a stand-alone program and can be used offline during any flight phase, anytime and anywhere. The first ePerf tool will be available by the end of 2013 for the E-Jets.

The Company will also introduce the Embraer Fuel Efficiency Program, a consulting service that furnishes an accurate diagnosis to assist with decision-making for single- or multi-fleet airlines that are looking for fuel savings. Apart from the unique manufacturer expertise, it also includes a web-based tool for monitoring results.

For further information regarding Embraer’s commercial aviation Service & Support, visit http://www.embraercommercialaviation.com.

Source / Author: Embraer