City of Nagoya orders Eurocopter AS365 N3+ Dauphin for firefighting and rescue services

Eurocopter Japan has signed a contract to supply Nagoya with an AS365 N3+ Dauphin for operation by the Nagoya City Fire Bureau as an upgrade for the service’s existing helicopter resources. Delivery of this new rotorcraft is planned in 2015 to the Pacific Coast city of Japan, which is the country’s fourth most populous urban area.
The Nagoya City Fire Bureau has been using Eurocopter products for over 40 years since introducing helicopters into its equipment inventory, and it currently operates two AS365s. The aircraft are used for firefighting, disaster prevention, emergency medical transport and rescue missions.
Including this contract, Eurocopter Japan has booked four orders this year for Dauphin family helicopters – involving the AS365 and EC155 versions. Nagoya’s contract follows orders received so far in 2013 from Hyogo Prefecture, Hiroshima Prefecture and the Metropolitan Police Department.
“We are greatly honored to have signed another contract with city of Nagoya, with which we have a long-standing relationship that spans more than 40 years,” said Stephane Ginoux, the President and CEO of Eurocopter Japan. “This fourth Dauphin family order in 2013 demonstrates a strong endorsement for our services in Japan. We are committed to offering the best and most comprehensive support and service to meet our customers’ needs.” The 4.5-ton class AS365 N3+ is part of Eurocopter’s Dauphin family, and is a highly popular helicopter type for firefighting services, disaster relief organizations, police agencies as well as news media in Japan and around the world. Currently, more than 50 AS365s are operated in Japan.
Eurocopter leads the Japanese firefighting segment with a 60 percent market share, thanks to its wide range of products, in-country support and services network. Popular models used for firefighting and disaster relief missions in Japan include the AS365, the Super Puma family, and the BK117 – which is a light twin-engine helicopter developed jointly with Japan’s Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

Source / Author: Eurocopter