Kratos’ SAT Awarded Contract from Eutelsat for Satellite Interference Geolocation System Enhancements

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq:KTOS), a leading National Security Solutions provider, announced today that its SAT Corporation (SAT) subsidiary has received an order from Eutelsat to upgrade multiple satID® geolocation systems. satID is SAT’s industry-leading RF interference geolocation product that provides an accurate, fast, all-in-one solution for locating and identifying sources of interference due to equipment failure, operator error, intentional jamming, or unauthorized users. In addition to the system upgrades, Eutelsat has extended the company’s commitment to SAT’s interference mitigation products by including the purchase of software maintenance and technical support for satID over the next five years.

satID 3.0, the newest release of satID, is a milestone advancement in the field of RF interference mitigation, bringing together improvements in accuracy and response times. Based on broad feedback from commercial and military geolocation operators, considerable enhancements were made to satID to create a more intuitive and streamlined user experience. The result is a highly flexible architecture that can scale to fit any type of customer installation that includes support for distributed environments and enables multi-user access.

The most visible advancement in satID is a map-driven user interface providing an efficient way of generating geolocation results. An operator starts with a detailed map from which they can then identify and overlay satellite and signal information, spectrum analyzer displays and other necessary elements to perform geolocation within the map. In addition, satID features streamlined data input and extensive data entry checking for erroneous or incomplete data in order to reduce operator mistakes.

Additionally, satID has built in monitoring capability derived from SAT’s Monics® product, the industry’s leading carrier monitoring solution. Monics is an advanced spectrum measurement and interference analysis product used by most satellite and telecommunication providers around the world. Capabilities critical to Monics, such as detailed signal-under-signal characterizations, are pulled into satID’s graphical interface to provide a complete scenario analysis and greater geolocation confidence.

„As RF interference continues to grow at all frequency bands, mitigation tools must evolve to battle this growth,” said Dan Ojennes, satID Product Manager. „Building on the long-term relationship between Eutelsat and satID, these upgrades enable Eutelsat to geolocate sources of costly RF interference more efficiently and effectively and also extend their capability to operate at Ka band.”

Mark Rawlings, Head of Payload Engineering and Operations at Eutelsat, added, „Eutelsat won’t cut corners when it comes to investing in technologies that help us provide the best possible service to customers and satellite service users. In addition, Eutelsat continues to enhance the reputation of the satellite sector for delivering on signal quality and services continuity. We are proud to continue our relationship with Kratos and look forward to integrating new enhancements into our geolocation systems, which will enable us to further improve accuracy and response times.”

Source / Author: Kratos