United Airlines Begins Three-Day Promotion

United Airlines today launched an innovative three-day promotion offering MileagePlus members a bonus of up to 60 percent on award miles purchased between Sept. 3 and Sept. 5.

MileagePlus members can go to www.united.com/peoplepower to purchase miles, share the promotion through social media channels and view the progress of the bonus. Each participating member will receive a minimum 30 percent bonus on award miles purchased through the promotion. The bonus will increase to as much as 60 percent if there are more than 1,500 qualifying transactions.

„This is a great chance for MileagePlus members to maximize their bonus opportunities by spreading the word to family and friends,” said Praveen Sharma, United’s vice president of loyalty and business development. „Through the promotion website, members can easily monitor bonus progress and share the offer through social media.”

Number of Qualifying


Resulting Bonus %
1-250 30%
251-500 35%
501-750 40%
751-1,000 45%
1,001-1,250 50%
1,251-1,500 55%
More Than 1,500 60%
Example if MileagePlus Member

Buys 5,000 Miles












30% 1,500 6,500
40% 2,000 7,000
50% 2,500 7,500
60% 3,000 8,000
* Bonus miles are determined and awarded up to

seven days after promotion ends.

Promotion terms and conditions are available at www.united.com/peoplepower. Participating MileagePlus members must purchase at least 5,000 award miles.

Source / Author: United Airlines