All are welcome, as long as we all pay the same taxes

Comments on issues raised in the Press Conference of Ryanair:

The Greek airline market is open and accessible to all.
All European companies can operate in it with the same taxes and encumbrances which AEGEAN pays.
AEGEAN contributes today to tourism with 4 million international passengers from Athens and the regions, compared to 1 million in 2004, marking a growth potential of 22% in 2013. Obviously, without State taxes and airport encumbrances, amounting to 160 million paid on annual basis, it could achieve even higher figures.
In 2013 we achieved a significant increase by 15% in Athens as well, which was declining in recent years.
In the past 3 years, 18 million passengers placed us, in the context of the Skytrax World Airline Awards, in the first place on a European level, as the “Best Regional Airline in Europe”, recognizing and rewarding the value for money that we offer. For us their opinion and reward are the most important.
With regard to the domestic network, we have decreased our fares by 20-30% in the past 4 years, which means that the average fare today is €46 without taxes.
We have made public and repeated commitments that even after the acquisition of Olympic Air we will continue to keep fare prices low.
With everything Ryanair is reporting, it is misinforming the Greek market in an effort to achieve special tax treatment and exemptions. Ryanair’s activity, as well as that of Easyjet and other low cost companies, has grown significantly in recent years. And this is fair because they provide more options to consumers. Further growth, either domestically or abroad, is also fair, as long as we all compete on equal terms. If the State’s strategy includes a decrease of taxes and duties, this must refer to and benefit the entire airline market, without discriminations that create distortions.

Source / Author: Aegean