ANTONOV: Our giants are in people’ service

The AN−124−100 Ruslan and the AN−225 Mriia, the world biggest transport (in December this year we will celebrate 25 years from its maiden flight) are still leaders in the market of large−size and non−standard cargoes airlift. Often they are the unique transport that can effectively solve any set task.

In June 2013, several such transportations were fulfilled by aircraft of the ANTONOV Airlines, transport subdivision of the ANTONOV Company.

The AN−124−100 delivered wind turbine blade of power plant from Wichita, USA, to Skrydstrup, Denmark. The transportation was carried out by order of Geodis Wilson Denmark A/S for SIEMENS Company. Taking into account blade’s dimensions (35,4m X 3,67m X 3,5m) only the AN−124−100 could effectively transport that cargo, as its cargo cabin length is 36,4m. Specialists of every involved side jointly developed download technology of such long−size bulky cargo. According to this technology the aircraft was properly prepared for that operation. The flight was planned and made by the time fixed strictly in compliance with approved schedule. It allowed the Customer to conduct tests of the blade as soon as possible.

In June the AN−225 Mriia was flying several times. It transported large−size equipment for shipbuilding from Manchester (Great Britain) to Seoul (South Korea). The transportation was carried out by order of Korean Express GmbH for SAMSUNG Heavy Industries Co, Ltd. Special equipment, developed by the ANTONOV specialists, was being used for loading/unloading.

At the end of June the AN−225 Mriia delivered industrial equipment having 140 tons of total weight from Seoul (South Korea) to Basel airport (France/Switzerland). Chapman Freeborn was the company that ordered such charter flight. The AN−225 provided necessary equipment delivery in a flight in short terms and cheaper as if the transportation was made by two flights of the AN−124−100 Ruslan.


Source / Author: Antonov

Photo: Antonov