Snecma and Sagem launch SFCO2,a new service to reduce airlines’ operating costs

Safran is calling on the complementary areas of expertise of Snecma and Sagem to offer airlines a new service designed to reduce their operating costs. By joining their areas of expertise, the two Safran companies will help customers enhance the operational efficiency of their aircraft, and therefore reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

The new service, designated SFCO2® was developed jointly by the two companies and is already available. Sagem contributed its long experience in aircraft flight data analysis, while Snecma contributed its OEM (original equipment manufacturer) expertise and global experience with operators. More specifically, Sagem deploys dedicated algorithms to analyze all data coming from the quick access recorders (QAR) on aircraft, as well as the airline’s operational documents. Based on this analysis, and calling on its experience with the product and customer support, Snecma provides custom-tailored recommendations on the best practices to help the airline achieve overall cost savings. Following the operations review and flight data analysis, dedicated SFCO2® teams give the airline a detailed report with recommendations to improve the efficiency of its operating practices.

SFCO2® is a comprehensive service package that addresses airline demand to bring their costs under control, and identify potential savings through more sophisticated management of their operations. Snecma and Sagem don’t only issue recommendations: they also provide support to help customers implement these new practices, in particular training services and information for the customer’s staff.

In addition to this dedicated customer support, the airline also receives an array of tools to regularly track its progress. For example, it can track how well it is meeting objectives, and measure headroom for improvement. SFCO2® will also give pilots the resources needed to analyze their flights, based on innovative data management tools.

SFCO2® is being marketed by Sagem via its Cassiopée/Flight Ops Efficiency service package, and by Snecma through its EngineLife® support services.

Source / Author: Snecma / Sagem