RAF Fighter Command Pilot – review

Mark Barber, Royal Navy officer and historian as well, author of recent titles for Osprey Publishing about the RNAS and FAA, written an excellent study for the Warrior series. The study is entitled RAF Fighter Command Pilot, The Western Front 1939-42 and focuses on the shape of The Few – pilots, who defended Britain in 1940 and shortly after, stared a air offensive over Germany.
Barber`s book has nothing to do with mythology. He shows the RAF fighter pilots as they were, how they were recruited, how they trained, what aircrafts they flown, what uniforms they worn, how they behaved and of course, how they fought. It goes through all these aspects, focusing on most important subjects. Author`s flying experience is easy visible and adds special touch to the publication. Some first-hand relations given by eye witnesses are priceless too.
With eight chapters inside, reader can achieve the knowledge full of facts, interesting stories and find brilliant analysis of many vital subjects that put those people in the shape as history knows them as RAF fighter pilots.
Book comes with lot of photos, sometimes less known and amazing illustrations by Graham Turner, son of famous Michael Turner.
It is absolutely must-have and worth-read for every aviation enthusiast!

Michał Różyński