The Battle of Matapan 1941 – review

Mark Simmons` The Battle of Matapan 1941, The Trafalgar of the Mediterranean tells the story of the greatest Royal Navy victory over the Italian Regia Marina durgin Second World War.
Edited by Spellmount/The History Books in paperback, on 192 pages author describes, how the war in Mediterranean started, points the most important factors, gives an overview of the strong and weak parts of engaged sides, tells the story of the battle itself and finally, finds a results of the victory for British and defat for Italians. Book has been illustrated with black & white photographs, some maps and few appendixes. There are a lot of eye-wittness accounts straight from the battlefield inside.
Matapan does not covers the subject completely, but gives a nice overview about this important event in the Second World War. Readers can hope that Mark Simmons` book will grew interest on this quite unexplored matter.

Michał Różyński