Mosquito – review

Mosquito from Mark Nelson is another great publication about this superb aircraft which once made angry many people in Germany including the Commander of Luftwaffe and Adolf Hitler.

The British used the splendid Merlin engines and connected them with a wooden airframe which allowed them to produce a lightweight and agile fighter.

The strongest points of this book are definitively photographs of Mosquito aircraft. On 130 pages the author gathered some superb shots presenting not only the whole aircraft but also close ups on certain parts.

If someone is interested in technical details this book isn’t for him. There aren’t many tables or graphs, but this doesn’t mean that this book isn’t interesting. It’s not for everybody. If you are starting your adventure with Mosquito it is a good book for you..

The first chapter describes the beginnings of Mosquito showing the reader how the airplane was born. The second chapter describes the production. A nice addition in this chapter is a Merlin cutaway drawing closeups on various parts of the airplane.

The next chapters shows us the use of the airplane as a reconnaissance aircraft, fast bomber, night fighter. The biggest part of the book presents various missions performed by Mosquito aircraft crews in Europe. At the end of the book we get to know the aircraft which still can be seen in Museums or while flying on airshows.

Great to read.

The book was made available for review thanks to Ian Allan Publishing.