Barbarossa – The Air Battle: July-December 1941 – review

Barbarossa – The Air Battle: July-December 1941 is another great book from Christer Bergstöm.
This book gives an in deep look at one of the most interesting moments in World War II aviation history. The reader gets to have a look on the first day of the fighting on the Eastern Front, and the author covers not only the German side but also shows that the Russians were also there, fighting bravely and with some successes. Then the book moves on untill we get to Moscow which is the end point for Barbarossa. Bergstöm gives us also detailed statistics about the fighting during the described period.
One of the strongest points of this book are precisely described photograaphs and as mentioned earlier covering the fighting as seen from the Russian side. Many books tend to describe fighting on the east only from German perspective not giving to much attention to the other side of the conflict –  Bergstöm goes the right way trying to balance the two sides in his text which gives us a more objective look on those hard days.

Highly recommended for all interested in fighting o the Eastern Front.

The book was made available for review thanks to Ian Allan Publishing.