Junker Ju 87. From Dive-Bomber to Tank-Buster 1935-1945 – review

Junker Ju 87. From Dive-Bomber to Tank-Buster 1935-1945 is another great book written by Eddie J. Creek. This time he shows the reader the story of one of the most important aircraft which for some time was the back bone of German Luftwaffe.

The biggest advantage of this book is the way we get to know the story of Ju 87. In ten chapters the author describes us all the needed details connected with this once superb dive bomber and tank-buster. Before he gets to the point in hiss narration we learn the roots of dive bombing in Germany and then we move forward to the aircraft itself which broadens our perspective on the whole subject. First chapters are connected with the design process and various types of Ju 87 which was also used in Spain as that war was a testing ground for Germany.

Till the end of the book we get to know the input of Ju 87 in various campaigns and how the machine managed to fulfill new tasks.

The strong points of this book are great pictures and drawings which can be helpful for historians but also for scale aviation modelers. Additionally the most important pilots and men connected with Ju 87 are briefly described.

To sum up – a great book for all dive bomber fans.

The book was made available for review thanks to Ian Allan Publishing.