Air War over Spain – review

Air War over Spain published by Ian Allan Publishing is a real „must have” book for everyone interested in aviation before World War II.

The strong point of this book is that it is appropriate for both professional historians and also for aviation enthusiast.

The author of the book is an ex soldier and an acknowledged historian who published various books connected with aviation.

The reader gets to know all the necessary facts about Air War over Spain and everything is served on a very high quality paper with tons of great pictures which help to better understand those days. The publisher has also decided to include color plates presenting the aircraft used during the war, short biographies of key pilots and organizational schemes.

In Poland the conflict in Spain isn’t well covered and sometimes authors writing about it tend to be too emotional so this book can be a great addition to Polish language monographs covering this fragment of history.

While reading the book it is worth to read it till the end as there are tow very useful appendixes – aviation ranks with appropriate equivalent ranks in RAF and Royal Navy. The second appendix is connected with emblems aircraft painting, training, etc. As this wouldn’t fit into the main text from obvious reasons putting it at the end was a great idea. With those additions the book presents itself very good and the reader gets a complete source to start his adventure with military aviation in those days.

The book was made available for review thanks to Ian Allan Publishing.