A Gallant Company – review

Aviation pilots fighting during world war II not always made their way home. Some of them got shot down and died but some were lucky enough and became prisoners of war.

This book is about those man concentrated in a camp. They didn’t want to sit and wait until the war ends. They wanted to do something and fight with Hitler. The only way was to prepare an escape. A Gallant Company covers the Great Escape which was famous all over Europe.

Only 3 soldiers had made the escape. Rest of them were caught and 50 of them by the order of Adolf Hitler have been killed.

After the war many of the Nazi soldiers who were responsible for this senseless killing were judged by courts for their inhumanity.

For Polsih readers this book has an added value as a few of the escaping POW were from Poland. The Nazi camp was also located on the Polish soil. The idea was to prevent the prisoners from dreaming about freedom – the Baltic Sea and Switzerland were to far away. But they never stopped dreaming and further more they have tried to fulfill their dreams…

The book was made available for review thanks to Pacifica Military History.