Messerschmitts over Sicily – review

Messerschmitts over Sicily is a must have on an aviation enthusiasts bookshelf.

Usually when a fighter pilot describes his time at war we get to read much about fighting, combat, tactics etc. This book is different. Here we get an insight of the fighter pilots which where send to defend Sicily before the landing forces.

The task could not be achieved with such limited resources bust still an order is an order so Steinhoff had to do it. This book describes the struggle to fulfill the orders of the commanders having just few men and machines and fighting an enemy with far superior plains and numbers.

Steinhoff shows us the state of the German pilots which had lost their confidence. This aren’t the same people as in the days of Battle of Britain. They know that the propaganda is not telling the truth. They also have to face ridiculous orders from the commander of Luftwaffe. This gives us a picture of soldiers still fighting but already beaten.

A real must have!