Luftwaffe Aces – review

The author, Franz Kurowski, has many published books on his account – some of them are good, some are debatable.
The interesting thing about this book is that it describes pilots flying in various formations. Usually one book is connected with just fighter pilots, or bomber pilots etc. In this volume we have a look into many branches of German Luftwaffe during World War II and this gives the reader a wider view of the situation which in my opinion is a big plus.
There are a few problems with this book. We can not look into the bibliography which the author had at is hand while writing this book. There are also no footnotes which could elaborate a few things and show the reader the sources on which Franz Kurowski was working while writing Luftwaffe Aces.

There are many fragments in this book that indicate the author quotes the pilots. Without a proper citation this can not be judged with all the necessary standards.

Although the book has its limitations and drawbacks it is well written and gives the reader an insight into Hitlers Luftwaffe and its state in various branches in various moments of the war.