Honeywell will supply F-124 engines for Israeli M-346

Honeywell (NYSE:HON), as part of the International Turbine Engine Company LLC, has signed a contract to supply its F124-GA-200 turbofan engines for the Israel Ministry of Defense’s (IMOD) new 30-strong Alenia Aermacchi M-346 Master advanced jet trainer fleet. The contract is worth approximately $735 million and includes engine supply and aftermarket support. 

The purchase of the F124-powered M-346 by the IMOD comes at a time when numerous defence departments, including that of the United States, are evaluating new training platforms to simulate the latest fighter aircraft such as the F-22, F-35, Eurofighter, Gripen and Rafale.

Proven In-Theater Performance 

  • With more than 700,000 flight hours across the entire F124/F125 engine family to date, the F124-GA-200 engines will deliver proven and reliable propulsion performance to the IMOD’s M-346 fleet.
  • The F124/F125 family is now selected by five international defence departments, with operational status on Taiwan’s Indigenous Defense Fighter and the Czech Air Force’s L159 light combat aircraft. The F124 will also power M-346 fleets recently purchased by the Italian Air Force and Republic of Singapore Air Force when they enter service in 2013.

Propulsion That Meets “Real-World” Pilot Training Needs
The F124 engine delivers the IMOD a number of key benefits including the following:

  •  Maximum performance for training flexibility. The F124 produces over 6,000 pounds of thrust for high acceleration in high-speed training environments and to simulate the widest possible range of modern fighter aircraft.
  • Ease of maintenance and low cost. The F124 continuously monitors its own health status, providing engineers with diagnostic information to assist in maintenance planning and cost management. Because of its modular design, replacement of many key components can be completed easily on the tarmac to reduce grounding and maintenance manpower requirements.
  • Safety. The F124 is designed to be highly resistant to midair engine cutouts such as surges or stalls, and further improves safety through a number of automated control systems that reduce pilot workload and help keep the pilot focused on flying the aircraft.

A Complete Package to Support Israel’s Next Generation of Pilots

  • As part of the contract, Honeywell will also provide spare parts and a comprehensive maintenance and support program to the IMOD, to maximize asset availability and reduce unplanned grounding time.
  • The deal was signed between Honeywell on behalf of the International Turbine Engine Company LLC, a joint venture between Honeywell, AIDC and NDIDF; the IMOD; and TOR, an Israeli joint venture between Elbit Systems and Israeli Aerospace Industries.

Supporting Quotes 

  • Massimo Lucchesini, Chief Operating Officer, Operations, Alenia Aermacchi
    “The F124 is a core element of the M-346 platform, giving pilots unrestricted surge-free use of the engines they need to train in the widest possible range of flight conditions. It offers best-in-class thrust-to-weight ratio, providing afterburner-like agility coupled with exceptionally low fuel consumption. This enables the M-346 to deliver combat aircraft levels of performance, while providing the operator with unrivalled low life-cycle cost and high reliability and safety.” 
  • Juan Picon, Vice-President D&S International, Honeywell Aerospace and ITEC Chairman of the Board
    “Our customers tell us that when it comes to training, safety and flexibility are key priorities. This is where our F124 engine sets itself apart, helping the M-346 establish itself as one of the most dynamic training aircraft on the market today.”

Source/Author: Honeywell

Photo: Honeywell