MBDA opens new simulation and integration centre

MBDA Germany has opened a new simulation and integration centre for air defence systems at its Schrobenhausen site. With approximately 4,000 m² of usable space, this building offers a modern infrastructure and sufficient space for integrating large end items such as radar systems, launchers and command posts, and for installation in vehicles. The building also houses a new simulation centre enabling, amongst other things, the simulation of air defence scenarios. The hall is a key part of the air defence centre of excellence at the company’s main site in Schrobenhausen. In addition to the new simulation and integration centre, the company’s facilities also comprise the test centre in Freinhausen and the laser weapons test facility.

“Together with other achievements, today’s opening of the air defence integration hall is a convincing testimony of how MBDA Germany is securing technological know-how and total system capability in the area of ground-based air defence in Germany”, proclaimed Lieutenant General Dieter Naskrent, Vice-Chief of Staff of the German Air Force, at the opening ceremony which took place on 31st July.

Over the past years, the company has invested over €60 million in expanding and modernising its Schrobenhausen site. The new integration hall for air defence systems was constructed as a part of this investment initiative.

„The competencies that our company has acquired in the air and missile defence sector over the past five decades makes us a technology and systems leader in Germany. It is orders for programmes like MEADS, Patriot, Stinger, Roland and Gepard, not to mention RAM and ESSM, that have enabled us to compile such unique know-how. We are willing to provide our competencies for future German and European air defence programmes. This will also be supported by our new simulation and integrations centre”, stated Thomas Homberg, Managing Director of MBDA Germany.

During the opening ceremonies, the MEADS launcher was demonstrated in front of guests from the political domain, the German Ministry of Defence, the German Federal Office for Defence Technology and Procurement (BWB) and the German Air Force. The programme is currently preparing for the first test firing against a real target. This is scheduled to take place at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, USA at the end of the year. The test firing will utilise the command post, the Multifunction/Fire Control Radar (MFCR) and the launcher. The MEADS development programme will conclude in 2014. The development results are to be used in developing a future air defence architecture.

Source/Author: MBDA

Photo: MBDA