Boeing konsoliduje czyli tnie

Firma Boeing poinformowała o planach konsolidacji  działów Defense, Space & Security. Celem tych działań jest efektywniejsze operowanie. Dojść ma do przenoszenia zakładów, ale co istotniejsze do 2020 zmniejszona ma zostać powierzchnia zakładów aż o 4,5 miliona stóp kwadratowych.

Dojdzie również do zorganizowania nowej globalnej grupy, która zarządzać będzie Boeing Defence Australia, Boeing Defense Saudi Arabia i Boeing Defence United Kingdom.

ST. LOUIS, Nov. 15, 2016 – Boeing [NYSE: BA] is taking steps to operate its Defense, Space & Security business more efficiently through facilities consolidations and work movements that will increase employment in Los Angeles County, St. Louis, and Huntsville, Ala.

“In order to push ourselves farther and win more business, we need to make the most of our resources and talent,” said Leanne Caret, president and CEO, Defense, Space & Security. “These steps will help us be a stronger partner for our customers worldwide.”

By the end of 2020 Boeing will reduce facilities space by approximately 4.5 million square feet. Along with that, many positions in Huntington Beach will move to El Segundo, Long Beach, and Seal Beach in Southern California, with others moving to St. Louis and Huntsville, Ala.

Similarly, many positions in Kent, Wash., will move to nearby Tukwila. Boeing also will close its El Paso, Texas, and Newington, Va., sites.

With the moves, Los Angeles County gains about 1,600 positions, with St. Louis gaining 500 and Huntsville about 400.

“Making better use of our facilities will enhance efficiency and promote greater collaboration,” Caret said. “This will help drive our global growth in Boeing’s second century.”

To bolster that effort, Boeing Defence Australia, Boeing Defense Saudi Arabia, and Boeing Defence United Kingdom will be aligned and managed in a new global operations group led by David Pitchforth. He will also continue as managing director of Boeing Defence UK. While Pitchforth will report directly to Caret, those three organizations will continue operating independently.

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