P&WC Completes NGRT Compressor Testing and Ready for Launch


Pratt & Whitney Canada has successfully completed Phase 2 testing of its Next Generation Regional Turboprop (NGRT) engine and is poised for rapid integration development. This phase has allowed P&WC to expand the design envelope ensuring the company has a fully optimized NGRT engine core all while enabling the application of this technology to existing and newer product lines. The announcement was made today at RAA. P&WC is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX).

„Our testing has centered mainly on the innovative and advanced compressor we have developed for the NGRT,” says Frederic Lefebvre, Vice-President, Marketing, P&WC. „With testing now complete and the results meeting and even exceeding our expectations, we are technology-ready and focused on delivering the next generation regional turboprop engine. We continue to work closely with a number of OEMs to ensure the powerplant meets their needs and can be fully integrated with all the aircraft’s systems.”

P&WC’s NGRT is in proactive response to airframe OEMs foreseeing a 90-seat turboprop within the next few years. The company has developed a high pressure ratio compressor that will contribute to the powerplant’s ability to deliver 20% better specific fuel consumption (SFC) and power ranging from 4,500 shp to 8,000 shp.

„Today, the vast majority of 30- to 70-passenger regional turboprop aircraft operating around the world are powered by the PW100 engine,” says Lefebvre. „It’s a legacy of which we’re obviously very proud, and one which has spurred us on to be ready when the larger 90-passenger turboprops enter the market. We not only remain committed to providing our customers with the latest enhancements and benefits on our PW100 and PW150 series of engines, we are also moving beyond that with the NGRT and will be first off the mark to fill that need with proven technologies.”

P&WC will continue developing the NGRT concept throughout the coming months to further enhance the technology and progress the performance envelope. Advancements made through the development and testing of the NGRT are being applied to other existing and future engine programs across P&WC’s product range, allowing the company to continue to offer its customers the solutions they need and trust.

Source / Author: P&WC
Photo: P&WC