Indra Navia to supply a NORMARC GBAS to The Boeing Company

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Indra Navia has been awarded a contract to supply a NORMARC Ground Based Augmentation System (GBAS) to The Boeing Company for use during flight test operations. GBAS is a safety-critical system that provides differential corrections to satellite signals and other data to aircraft to support all phases of approach, landing, departure, and surface operations. GBAS enables cleaner, quieter and more efficient operations and is expected to play a key role in the modernization of airports that need all-weather capability.

GBAS technology enables Air Navigation Service Providers and Airports to realize more effective airspace optimization and capacity solutions. Airline operators who employ GBAS solutions will experience fuel savings, while reduced emissions and noise will provide environmental benefits.

“Leading the field in the next generation of landing systems is key in keeping our position in the ground-based navigational aids market space” says Eldar Hauge, President & CEO of Indra Navia.

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