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SAS and the Norwegian cabin crew unions NKF and SNK have reached an agreement

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SAS is pleased to announce that following constructive negotiations with Norwegian cabin crew unions NKF and SNK, agreements have been reached on new collective agreements valid for two years.

– We have now reached a solution that the parties are agreed on. We have had a constructive dialog with both NKF and SNK and have also created a platform for our future cooperation, says Eivind Bjurström, Head of Crew Development and Resource Planning at SAS.

SAS is also currently holding collective negotiations with the pilots’ unions in Sweden and Norway. The negotiations process was scheduled to be completed this week, but the parties need more time and the process has been extended. Negotiations for cabin crew in Sweden is also ongoing at a central level between Unionen and Svenska Flygbranschen.

Like every other company, SAS needs to continuously adapt its operations to market conditions. This is why we want to continue to build on what we created in the 2015 collective agreements, for both pilots and cabin crew, to enable us to maintain the positive development to the benefit of our customers, employees and shareholders.

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