INDRA upgrades it’s new generation air traffic controller position

Indra iTEC CWP Position

Indra is finalizing development of a new air traffic controller position, the iTEC CWP, which will incorporate the latest features in graphical information display and interface technologies, featuring voice and gesture interaction, line-of-sight detection, as well as touchscreen and keyboard interfaces.

The iTEC CWP’s innovative approach to ensuring more natural interaction will simplify repetitive tasks, making for greater efficiency and allowing controllers to manage larger traffic volumes. The Indra air traffic controller position acts as the interface for the iTEC system, the most advanced automated air traffic management platform currently in operation.

The new design of the iTEC CWP position includes a simple and intuitive interface to help controllers focus on the most relevant information. The system thus integrates communications, flight plan information, aircraft trajectory management and radar surveillance information, all in a single working environment. It will also provide assessments of the likely impact on air traffic had by meteorological conditions.

The system will feature all the latest generation tools for coordination, route modification, conflict detection and land-air data links.

The iTEC CWP also provides flexibility, allowing controllers to configure the information that is displayed on-screen. Thus, they can adapt the position to best suit their role in the control room, while the high definition screen will make for better data visualization and reduce fatigue.

Another important aspect of the new iTEC CWP is the significantly lighter hardware, creating a more silent system that generates no heat, meaning energy savings and a more comfortable working environment. This drives down maintenance requirements and renders the system easier to transport and deploy at air traffic control centers across the world.

Source / Author: Indra
Photo: Indra