RAF: Op Azotize

op azotize

LOGISTICS SQUADRONS from Royal Air Force Wittering were on the move again this week in support of the NATO Baltic Air Policing mission in Estonia.

Trucks from No 2 Mechanical Transport Squadron left the Cambridgeshire Station to collect equipment for the Royal Air Force Typhoon jets which will guard the airspace over the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The journey will take the RAF’s finest drivers several thousand miles through northern Europe in potentially challenging conditions.

Mobilising the highly skilled chefs of No 3 Mobile Catering Squadron will bring a much needed taste of home to the RAF personnel in Estonia in the coming weeks. A Squadron Leader from Wittering said: “There are days when all hungry service personnel just need that taste of home after a long day.”

Managing the Deployed Supply Group is a complex task and No 1 Expeditionary Logistics Squadron (1 EL Sqn) will make sure the Royal Air Force contingent of the Baltic Air Policing mission has all the right equipment in all the proper quantities. A team from 1 EL Squadron deploys with practically every overseas mission to ensure the Royal Air Force has the correct equipment and materials in order to achieve its military objectives.

Group Captain Rich Pratley the Station Commander at RAF Wittering and Commanding Officer of the A4 Logistics Force said: “Deployed operations are what the A4 Logistics Force is all about, this is what we do. We feed personnel, move the equipment needed to keep the aircraft flying and control the material accounts.”

He continued: “Almost everything the Royal Air Force needs to sustain its operations abroad comes from the deployable logistics and engineering squadrons. The success of the RAF contribution to Baltic Air policing comes is in no small part due to the A4 Force units.”

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