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A RAF Regiment Squadron has been putting its airfield protection skills to the test in preparation for future operational commitments on Exercise Lions Dawn.

Number 34 Squadron RAF Regiment from RAF Leeming, took part in the intensive five day exercise at West Freugh Airfield, Scotland, to conclude preparations for its new role in the Joint Expeditionary Force where it will take up a position of Very High Readiness from April 2016.

During the exercise, the Squadron, who provided airfield protection in Afghanistan, were required to seize and take control of an airfield to allow future aircraft operations to take place safely.

The Squadron was transported by a C-130 Hercules aircraft, where upon arrival at the airfield they were faced with a variety of challenging tasks. After initially clearing and taking control of the airfield, they had to deal with multiple scenarios including public order incidents, insider threats, an attack against a known enemy stronghold and an enemy assault against the airfield. The exercise was supported throughout by fast jet Typhoons and Hawks from 100 Squadron.

Flight Lieutenant Nathan Foster, the Squadron Operations Officer and Planning Officer for the exercise said: “The Squadron will soon be at high readiness for deployment on complex or simple intervention operations, and Ex Lions Dawn provided the Squadron with the opportunity to challenge ourselves within the complexities that it may bring.

“The Exercise not only demonstrated the capability and preparedness of the Squadron, but also the broad skill set that a RAF Regiment Gunner must possess, and be capable of executing within a complex air ground environment.”

Squadron Leader Dan Roberts, Officer Commanding 34 Squadron, said: “Preparing for contingency means going back to basics and I was impressed with the Squadrons attitude, determination and attention to detail.

“The officers and airmen performed superbly in the face of the varied and unpredictable scenario threats and hazards. We are now looking forward to adopting High Readiness and supporting global air operations wherever and whenever called upon.”

Over the past year, 34 Squadron has been hard at work preparing for a role in the Joint Expeditionary Force.

The Joint Expeditionary Force is a pool of high readiness, adaptable forces that is designed to enhance the UK’s ability to respond rapidly, anywhere in the world, with like-minded allies, or on behalf of international organisations such as the UN or NATO.

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