Alaska Airlines Announces the Formation of a New Subsidiary – McGee Air Services

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Alaska Airlines, Inc. today (29.03) announced the company plans to form a wholly owned subsidiary called McGee Air Services, a dedicated airline services company that combines deep industry experience with a singular focus on providing best-in-class airline services.

Initially, the company will provide airline services for Alaska Airlines. McGee Air Services will operate as a vendor to Alaska Airlines and will compete for Alaska contracts in select cities. As the company develops the infrastructure and processes, McGee Air Services will evaluate opportunities to serve other airlines.

McGee Air Services will operate independently and will be led by aviation veteran Dean DuVall, who will serve as the president, effective immediately. During his 29 years with Alaska Airlines, DuVall formerly served as managing director of station operations, regulatory compliance and fuel, as well as the managing director of supply chain management and previously was the managing director of IT customer support and infrastructure.

“Alaska Airlines leads the industry in on-time performance and customer service and we’ve recognized the need to have more options when it comes to ground handling, aircraft cleaning and wheelchair services,” said Alaska Airlines COO Ben Minicucci. “Having more airline services options will help Alaska provide a superior air travel product for customers at competitive costs.”

McGee Air Services will provide competitive wages and benefits. Compensation will include medical insurance, paid time off, as well as flight privileges.

“McGee Air Services will have a singular focus on providing industry leading airline services, while Alaska Airlines will continue to do what it does best – deliver #1 on-time performance and #1 customer service. We will ensure operational stability while providing a competitive alternative in the marketplace,” said DuVall.

Alaska Airlines links its roots back to 1932 when Linious “Mac” McGee created McGee Airways. For McGee Air Services, the name represents Mac McGee’s strong work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit, and fortitude.

Source / Author: Alaska Airlines