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Appeal of Lapland increasing – Germania to commence flights there


Direct flight connections to Lapland will reach a totally new level in winter 2017 when Germania commences flights from Berlin to Rovaniemi and from Düsseldorf to Kittilä. Finnish airport operator Finavia warmly welcomes the newcomer to Finavia airports and promises to give 100% effort to help make these new routes a success.

New route connections in Lapland are the outcome of fruitful cooperation between Finavia, Visit Finland and the travel operators of the Kittilä and Rovaniemi regions.

“There has been brilliant travel product development in Lapland for a long time and all the while, Lapland has appealed to an increasing number of international travellers. Germania coming to Lapland means that the region’s tourist destinations will be easier to reach than ever. This would not be possible if it were not for the effective cooperation between the operators”, says Joni Sundelin, SVP, Finavia.

Airlines have recently shown substantially higher interest towards the Finnish Lapland. One of Lapland’s assets is that holiday resorts are located near airports, which is not the case for many other winter destinations in other countries. Where else can you go by snowmobile from the airport to your hotel?

“Lapland is the perfect destination for travellers seeking the real winter holiday atmosphere. We are very happy that we can provide our customers with direct flights to genuinely snowy destinations in addition to our traditional destinations in the sun”, says Karsten Balke, managing director of Germania.

Germania will offer connections to Kittilä and Rovaniemi twice a week in January–March 2017.

Statistics say that the Finnish Lapland gets a higher number of foreign people staying overnight than the northern regions of Sweden and Norway. Germans constitute the third-largest nationality in air traffic to Lapland.

Finavia focuses on Lapland

Finavia has invested heavily in tourism in Lapland in recent years. Finavia has invested a total of EUR 35 million in Lapland’s airports in 2014–2016.

In addition, Finavia has substantially increased its Lapland marketing efforts with other operators.

The competitive pricing policy of Finavia airports, with appealing tourism products, makes Lapland an appealing destination for airlines. Compared to an average airport on the Alps, the costs of airport services to airlines are over 50% lower.

Source / Author: Finavia

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