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IAF: The F-35I Squadron’s Symbol Revealed


Leaning on history and looking into the future: the F-35I „Adir” squadron’s symbol has been revealed for the first time, exclusive to the IAF site. The designer, Ra’anan Weiss, shares information about the design process and the final outcome

A pair of F-35Is „Adir” will land in Israel within the year and will begin a new era of stealth aircraft in the IAF. As part of the preparations for the aircraft, this past August the F-35I Squadron was officially opened on the basis of the „Golden Eagle” Squadron. Now the squadron’s symbol has been revealed, with both a traditional and modern touch.

„The 'Golden Eagle' Squadron has a magnificent history, thus it was important for us to preserve its legacy”, shared Ra’anan Weiss, the graphic designer that designed the symbol and has been working with the IAF for years. „I started by going back into the squadron’s history to know what to base it on. The squadron’s first symbol had a yellow bird with a black outline, after a few years the green background was added, so I redesigned the symbol”.

This is the second time the squadron has taken part in a new IAF era with the absorption of the first F-16 aircraft that is still flying. Now, the squadron isn’t only taking part in history, but rather leading it.

„We decided to color the background of the symbol with black”, shared Weiss. „Since the F-16I arrived, black has been used in many symbols. This is because of its ability to conduct operation with low visibility, in bad weather conditions and in the dark. We wanted to leave the bird in its original form but to enhance it and modernize it. I left its basic lines but sharpened the wings and feathers and gave it 'shoulders' that resemble the F-35I’s. The 'new' bird has elements that resemble the combat and attack aircraft. The green lines give the symbol a 3D feeling, as it seems the bird is getting closer. The grey frame resembles the F-35I’s grey and dark colors”.

Source: IAF
Author: Talya Yariv | Translated by: Ofri Aharon
Photo: IAF

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