In 2015, Indra has won contracts to deploy over 60 navigation aid systems in 20 Chinese airports

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In 2015, Indra has won contracts to deploy over 60 navigation aid systems in 20 Chinese airports.

The systems are being implemented across the country in airports such as Shanghai Pudong, one of the three most important airports in China.

This new series of contracts adds to the agreements awarded to Indra over the last few years. To date, Indra has already deployed over 200 DVOR systems, which emit a signal for plans to determine their flight direction; 300 ILS systems for instrument landing; and over 200 DME systems, which measure the slant range distance to the driveway and complement the ILS systems.

The deployment of these solutions is proof of the leadership Indra has gained in recent years as a supplier of this technology. To achieve this, it has counted with support provided by the teams of Indra Navia in Norway and Indra Australia, pioneers in developing these solutions.

The company has completed and reinforced its product portfolio, which encompasses all flight stages including: automated air traffic management systems, communications, radar surveillance and now navigation aid. In the latter case, there are actually very high growth expectations for the next few years.

These contracts add to the agreements awarded to Indra in March whereby the company implemented five radars to strengthen airspace control in Shanghai, the south-central region of China and Yinchuan.

Geographically, after more than 25 years in China, these projects consolidate Indra’s position in one of the most competitive markets in the world. The multinational relies on a highly qualified local team of over 80 engineers (mostly graduates of the universities of Beijing and Tianjing) specialized in air traffic management systems.

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