At Dubai Air Show – 2015 ANTONOV Company presented new transport aircraft and reached a series of agreements


ANTONOV Company will perform agreements reached at one of the biggest aerospace exhibitions Dubai Air Show – 2015, UAE, held within a period between the 8th and 12th of November 2015. At this event, the enterprise presented its modern programs including new AN−178, advanced programme of AN−132, new variants of multipurpose AN−148/AN−158 family.

At the international Dubai Air Show – 2015, the new AN−178 jet transport, presented by ANTONOV Company, became one of the event’s highlights. Many representatives of the operators of civil and military aircraft from countries of the Middle East, Asia and Africa surveyed the AN−178. On November 9, the second day of the exhibition, the airplane was officially presented to the mass media. ANTONOV’s managers and specialists told about AN−178 capabilities and its advantages as compared to the competitors. Returning from Dubai Air Show, АN−178 performed the most durable test flight. It overpassed strong contrary wind with speed of about 150 km/h. It landed in dark evening, without daylight.

A great attention was paid to the programme of the new AN−132 turboprop transport. ANTONOV Company’s partners from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – employees of KACST (King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology) and Taqnia Aeronautics company, took an active part in the AN−132 presentation. According to Dr. Khaled Abdullah Alhussain, Director of National Center of Aerospace Technology, KACST, «Kingdom of Saudi Arabia needs such aircraft, the market has high potential. We have investigations forecasting a big number of these airplanes to be used in our country. We will propose the aircraft versions of different purposes to our customers».

Representatives of Ministries and authorities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia visited the ANTONOV’s exposition. In the presence of His Highness, ANTONOV Company and Taqnia Aeronautics company signed two Memorandums of Understanding as for interaction on promotion of four
AN−148−100EM medical aircraft, four ISR (intelligence search and rescue) and two Jamming versions of the AN−132 into the market of the KSA.

During the exhibition, members of ANTONOV delegation conducted a series of negotiations with world leaders of aeronautical industry aiming to establish cooperation in design and construction of ANTONOV aircraft. One of the top subjects of the discussions was interaction in creation of the service centers in different regions of the world. Mykhaylo Gvozdov, the head of the Company, accentuated: «Nowadays, more than 1800 ANTONOV airplanes are being operated. Our top priority is to provide their proper after−sale support».

Source / Author: Antonov
Photo: Antonov