Ukraine and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are widening the partnership on ANTONOV’s programmes


On November 12, 2015, His Highness, Prince Turki bin Saud Mohammed A. Al−Saud, President of KACST (King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), visited ANTONOV Company’s exposition at Dubai Air Show. He paid a great deal to the advanced programme of development and construction of new light transport AN−132 being utilized jointly by ANTONOV Company, KACST and Taqnia Aeronautics company with participation of leaders of world aerospace industry. During the exhibition ANTONOV’s exposition was visited by other official representatives of the KSA. Among them are: Air Force Commander, Ministry of Defense official delegations, Aviation commander for the Ministry of National Guard and delegations of Medevac.

In the presence of His Highness, ANTONOV Company and Taqnia Aeronautics company signed two Memorandums of Understanding as for interaction on promotion of four AN−148−100EM medical aircraft, four ISR (intelligence search and rescue) and two Jamming versions of the AN−132 into the market of the KSA.

Retired Major General Ali Mohammed Al−Ghamdi, Chief Executive Officer of Taqnia Aeronautics company, said: “Signing of these Memorandums means the next step in our cooperation with ANTONOV. We see the demand for aircraft of AN−132, AN−148−100EM and AN−178 types in the KSA. These airplanes can be efficiently used in our country and also to be assembled and manufactured for the number of customers. Promotion of new versions of the AN−132 will assist us in study of the potential customers’ requirements to ISR and Jamming aircraft. So, we would develop the new airplanes in strict accordance with their needs. Also we are starting work with ANTONOV Company on the composite and metallic materials to develop technical cooperation.

Mr. Gvozdov, Acting President of ANTONOV Company, noted: ”Cooperation with Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is very important for us. Our experience, which we are gaining together on fitting the AN−132 with Western engines and avionics, should be continued on other modern ANTONOV aircraft including line of AN−148, AN−158 and AN−178”.

Source / Author: Antonov
Photo: Antonov